With all the noise around food and body-image, it is easy to get lost. We live in a society that idolizes thinness and conventional beauty. The noise pollution of the “should” “shouldn’t” and “standards” often has us seeking perfection or approval from others… in how we look, in what is best for our health and our well-being.

By seeking practices and knowledge that re-connect us to innate body wisdom and intuition, we just might find it easier to navigate through all the noise. When was the last time you tuned-in to body wisdom and intuition for health? Ways to explore and find more balance might include…

  • Considering non-diet approaches to feeding and eating.

  • Bringing curiosity around concepts of body-diversity, body-image, fitness.

  • Practicing mindful ways to engage and take care of our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical heath.

  • Cultivating an inclusive language and view that empowers my relationship with food, body-image and the world around me.

  • Reflecting on one’s own, individuals’, and societies’ perspective on health and community and their influences on my well-being.

  • Noticing and re-framing limiting beliefs to thrive and live… now.

Sound Nutrition & Body. Finding balance in a noisy world.