Sound Nutrition & Body offers services by appointment in Tacoma, Washington. We operate at the Saravida on the Hill, Hilltop neighborhood. Please contact Sound RD Registered Dietitian and Reiki Practitioner Maria Aragon to schedule a session. You may also contact Maria for a free, 15-minute consultation. We are not taking insurance for services at this time.


NUTRITION counseling session, initial.

90 minutes. Private, individual nutrition counseling session for medical nutrition therapy, well-being, food and body-esteem concerns. With experience in working with individuals and families with nutrition needs ranging from simple to complex, I honor an integrative approach that meets your needs with respect to your learning style, life experiences, cultural background. Finding balance in nutrition is something my clients with chronic conditions and wellness concerns seek.

Clinical nutrition experience includes:

Intuitive eating, food and body-image, and wellness | Blood sugar and diabetes | Heart health and blood pressure | Digestive health and irritable bowel syndrome | Movement and sports | LGBTQ+ Women/Assigned female at birth (Reproductive, PCOS) | Men/Assigned male at birth | Serving Military and Veteran clientele | Before and After Cancer Treatment | Cancer Prevention, Remission | Health at Every Size | Eating Disorder, Disordered Eating | Chronic Pain | Depression | Anxiety

NUTRITION COUNSELING session, follow-up.

45 minutes. Private, individual follow-up nutrition session.

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Usui Reiki healing session.

60 minutes. Private, individual Usui Reiki healing session. Practitioner has Usui Reiki and Singing Bowl Training. Per client’s preference and ability, sessions may be provided while client is sitting in a comfortable chair and/or lying down on a treatment table (often referred to as a “massage table”).

A sound wave | A calorie | Everything has energy | Energy medicine healing practices like Reiki are often termed alternative or complementary health modalities that clients seek to find a stronger sense of peace, relaxation, or embodiment in balancing the energy in the body. It is often described as “light” or a “non-touch” practice . This healing practice originates in Japan through the work and wisdom of Reiki Master Dr. Usui. I have much gratitude in having been trained by Reiki Masters of the Usui Reiki lineage. My Reiki Master is Maha Methods Healer and Mentor Donna Lambdin.

To read more about Reiki, please read this article written by Pamela Miles: Reiki Practice: Magic or Medicine.

LOVING. emBody. Conversation Series.

30 minutes each. Three individual private, sessions aimed to help explore and find meaning, in health and well-being surrounding body-image, nutrition, and movement.

Living. being. Intuitive Eating Group Series.

Using a non-diet approach, this 8-week series is a place to explore and empower our relationship with food and body-image. LIVING. BEING. Intuitive Eating Group Series.

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ordained minister

Honored to be available to assist, officiate your special occasion. Please contact Maria Aragon for more details and availability.

Public Speaking Engagements

Available for local health and wellness programs, events. Please contact Maria Aragon for a list of current topics.