Intuitive Eating

LIVING. BEING. Intuitive Eating Group Series.

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... For more embodiment, 
... For health,
... and “finding balance in a noisy world” around food and body-image.

Using a non-diet approach, this 8-week series is a place to explore and empower our relationship with food and body-image. This closed-group series will include learning various tools, practices, is set in an interactive setting, and is a chance to build more curiosity surrounding health and nutrition. Some say it takes 21-266 days to start a new habit. Let’s explore where we are and where we aspire to be. Living. Being. All genders welcome.

This 8-week Intuitive Eating (IE) Group series includes:
- exploration of intuitive eating and mindful eating tools that can help stop self-sabotaging habits 
- grounding and mindful eating practices that may promote more food enjoyment
- discussions and guidance on balanced nourishment with (and without) food 
- identifying and celebrating hunger and fullness cues to help manage a healthy mind and body
- bring awareness to our own judgments and biases about diet culture, nutrition, and body-image to help build healthier, more inclusive communities.




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8-Week Group Series

Facilitated by maria aragon, RD, CD

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